Why start a DJ business?

The idea was simple in the fact that four friends were tired of driving such great lengths to experience a club type atmosphere. The Lights, different music and exhilarating environment are what we craved.

Locally we enjoyed attending the Caspar Inn to dance and experience live music but we wanted that energized atmosphere with it. How could we bring the club atmosphere to the coast? Lets hire a DJ! . That cost a lot more money than we thought because of the distance a full service DJ had to drive to the coast. Maybe we could do it ourselves? . We decided, yes!! . So we started researching sound equipment and dance lighting. Eric's father Gary helped with expert advice from his knowledge being a radio DJ in San Jose and also suggested the business name Music Gladiators. Gary's idea for the name derived from listening to types of music they each listened to and they both lifted weights at the local gym. The rest is history.

Since the spring of 2001 the Music Gladiators have been pleasing crowds of all ages. Our success derives from wanting people to enjoy themselves. Our main focus is entertaining not money.



UPDATED 10-22-02