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Computer tutoring is offered by the hour, our rate is $40 an hour. We suggest that you try at least an hour; in the beginning you may want more time until you become more familiar (friendly) with your computer. Tutoring can be done in your home or at our offices. All we need is a computer terminal to sit at. We can make any other arrangements; we are not limited to these accommodations. Each student has personalized needs that we try to meet.

Katherine taught workshops at College of the Redwoods, teaching basic computer skills to seniors. She  has 15 years+ of computer experience, with hands on teaching.

  We are currently running a special deal
on A computer tutoring package.
You can now get 5 sessions for a low price of $150!

That is $30 per session
vs. $40 with prepaid package.

Student Testimonials

When I found myself getting "behind" on computer technology my husband suggested I get a tutor to help bring me up to date. He had taken a class for seniors at the college and recommended Kathy Allen. In just a few sessions she showed me how to use the computer more efficiently and also a LOT of shortcuts and some fun things to do with my e-mail. I enjoyed our sessions and am looking forward to some more. Thanks Kathy

Patricia Gillming

The computer age started when we were both old enough to retire. Kathy Allen helped us to buy and set up our first PC. We became Kathy's students. Se had endless patience with our ignorance. Her extensive knowledge of the computer is fabulous. Thanks to her, we can now communicate by email with our relatives and friends overseas; we are able to use the Word Processor, and we also do graphic art. Our favorite: Creating greeting cards with our own photography and text. Kathy has made our retirement life much more interesting by teaching us so many useful and beautiful things.

Rudolf and Marga Meyer

When I first started using a computer I only learned how to send and receive e-mail and play card games. Then when I decided to learn more I called Kathy Allen and ask for help and she was just what I needed to teach me how to do the things I wanted to do. I have now moved away from F.B., but I still get help from Kathy by phone. Thank You Kathy.

Bill Long

Kathy has nursed me thru many real and imagined crisis. Her patience and knowledge have been a huge source of support in my dealings with the sometimes chaotic world of the internet. Computer guru I am not. Kathleen has been leading me by the hand on several projects that were far beyond my expertise.

Early on, a virus led me nearly to tears. Her guidance restored my confidence and my E/mail address book. A project with advertising netted me confidence to reach out and make the necessary progress to gain a new group of customers. Her suggestions and experience steered me thru the construction of a web site that is tailored to my needs.

I deal with a group of Aerospace Museums in the United States. The help Kathy has extended to me has kept me afloat in a baffling economy. From mailing lists and contacts, small web site adjustments, forms and advertising sheets, as well as suggestions for advertising, Kathy has been there to help me in the world of small business.

When I have called Dynamic Graphics for help, Kathy has always been the smile on the other end of the phone line, regardless of the size of the project. If she does not have an answer...she finds one.

I most heartily recommend Kathy to anyone starting out in the world of the internet. From web site needs to the designing of post cards, she is very talented and will get your ideas across.

Milton R. Kuhl, Jr.

I walk in overwhelmed with "how to" questions and find myself leaving with new understanding and confidence using my computer. Kathy, has the wonderful ability to make the mysterious world of computers a fun and easier world to play in. Her teaching skills are "non threatening" to the novice. She somehow turns this complex subject into Simple Understanding, something we all need sitting in front of the screen.

--- Elaina Proffitt

To Whom It May Concern,

I was an elementary teacher for 30 years. In the early 1990's I began to
realize I had to learn computer skills not only for my own benefit, but the
benefit of my students. Although, very busy with eldercare and helping my
sons with their education, I took the time to take night courses at the
local community colleges. At the end of the courses I was even more
confused than before.

While in Mendocino County to take care of a rental we had in Albion, I
noticed the community college in Fort Bragg offered a non credit course
titled something like "Computers for seniors." I enrolled in the course.
Within a few classes I had learned how to manipulate the computer and go on
line. What a revelation! I took more and more courses from Kathy and
became quite adept and even had the confidence to purchase a computer.

As a teacher I cannot compliment Kathy Allen too much. She took all the
many aspects of computer knowledge and sifted them down to a level that I
understood. This is a skill a teacher needs to impart new ideas to their
students. To see all those white haired folks learning a skill where they
could communicate with the younger generations, sometimes made my eyes
water. I am so sorry the College of the Redwoods was not open to
understanding how wonderful these courses were to the brains of a generation
that didn't learn these skills as young students. The Dean regrettably
ended the classes. I am forever grateful to Kathy and the others that worked
with her.

I can be contacted if necessary at

Yours very truly,

Ethel Kirk

~ Katherine Allen ~